Retro Revival: Rediscovering Iconic Trends from the Past

We all love the nostalgia of the past; it’s a reminder of the simpler times. With its crinoline skirts and calf-length stockings, retro fashion is making its way back into mainstream fashion in a big way. The retro revival is bringing classic fashion staples from the past to the shelves of contemporary retailers, bringing this timeless look into the modern era. Join us as we dive into the world of “retro revival” and rediscover iconic trends from our past.

1. Bringing Back the Classics: Exploring Retro Revival

The phrase “Retro Revival” has become an increasingly popular label as people look to the past for inspiration for their style or technology. The revival of these classic trends has taken many forms, from fashion to furniture. Let’s explore the different ways the past has been creatively re-imagined for the present.

Retro Fashion

Retro fashion has been all the rage in recent years, with modern clothing and accessories inspired by styles from decades past. If you want to make a statement this season, consider a bold patterned shirt inspired by the 70s or a slim fit trousers that evoke a 1950s style. Vintage items can give any look a unique touch and make you stand out from the crowd.

Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture is making its way into modern living rooms and bedrooms too. Think mid-century modern furniture, traditional lamps and colourful settees to give your living space an effortless retro charm. Mix and match pieces for a unique look or go for a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

Retro Technology

The past is rising in the tech world too. Old school computer games have seen a surge in popularity with their nostalgic references and simple but addictive gameplay. Meanwhile, vintage vinyl records are back in style too. Enjoy their rich sound as you turn the knobs and control your music your way.

DIY Style

Finally, DIYers have been embracing the retro revival too. Create your own wardrobe with the simplicity and sustainability of vintage clothing or explore the world of upcycling and turn an old piece of furniture into an unforgettable showpiece. There are endless possibilities to let your creativity shine with a retro twist.

The retro revival is here to stay and is quickly becoming a staple in the style world. Get inspired and experiment with different elements from the past to create your own, timeless look.

2. Uncovering Iconic Styles of the Past

Each generation follows the last, coming with its own sense of fashion. Through old magazines, photos, and new styles unveiling their own unique allure, it’s easy to find gems from the past. Whether it’s the zoot suits of the 1920s, the military inspired looks of the 1940s, or the revolutionary symbols of the counterculture of the 60s, it’s no surprise that we still love iconic looks.

Throwbacks to the past can prove to be a fashionista’s dream. From the wide legged jeans of the 70s, to the polka dot magnificence of the 50s, and even to the ever-lasting appeal of the classic trench coat. Vintage styles show us timeless appeal that never seems to go out of style. Bright and bold colors, combined with retro prints and textured fabrics, can make the perfect outfit to show off your one-of-a-kind personality.

From the necklines to the hemlines, fabrics and patterns, there is so much to discover in iconic styles from the past. The 1920s saw the rise of beaded gowns, headpieces, and art deco looks played off by flapper fashion. The
1940s represented the power of women with broad-shouldered jackets and pencil skirts. The 1950s brimmed with beauty and femininity, from high waists and full skirts to circle skirts and poodle skirts. And the 1960s held signs of the emerging self-expression, with androgynous looks, fringe advantages, and military jackets.

We learn so much about style by studying its colorful past. Taking inspiration from the past will always be in vogue. Whether it’s making subtle updates to a vintage look, or taking an all-out throwback inspiration, it’s no wonder that there is an influx of timeless classic looks.

  • Update old silhouettes with modern accents.
  • Experiment with vintage colors and textures.
  • Layer looks for added personality.
  • Find ways to embrace iconic looks.

Sometimes, all it takes is a matter of extra inches in the hemline, and you’ve got yourself the perfect modernization of vintage fashion. Iconic style of the past may be decades old, but it’s always in fashion itself.