Beauty Trends from Around the World: Exploring Global Influences

Beauty trends come and go, but the influence of culture and the ever-evolving landscape of global fashion continually adds dynamic new perspectives. From makeup to hair styles, each country has its own unique trends that vary from the traditional to the extreme – and often set the tone for the rest of the world. In this article, we’ll take a virtual tour around the world to explore the latest beauty trends from each continent.

From Japan to Brazil, the globalization of beauty trends has rapidly transformed in recent years. What was once restricted to one region is now entirely different – a blended mix of styles and rituals from different cultures and countries.

  • Skin Care – A growing popularity in the use of natural ingredients for skin care has been seen worldwide. Organic products produced in different countries like India and South Africa are making their way to local markets at a rapid rate.
  • Hair Care – Ready to go hairstyles are trending in many places. Just a few quick steps can give you the same look as if you have gone to salon. For instance, in Japan, perm-style haircuts are popular.
  • Makeup – From the vibrant and daring trend of face contouring to the popular use of glowing highlight, the trend of makeup has gone global. In many areas, raving bright colours on the eyes are becoming the new beauty standard.

It is becoming increasingly easier to keep up with these rapidly changing beauty trends. The use of social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube allow people from different countries to access the same trends within a matter of hours. Platforms like these have made a global influence on beauty trends.

In addition, the growing market of beauty influencers who gained recognition from the use of the internet has increasingly spread the words of the latest beauty trends.

The globalization of beauty trends is an ever changing phenomenon. The movement of trends from different countries to different continents and people from all walks of life in a short amount of time is truly remarkable.

2. The Beauty Landscapes of Asia and Europe

Vietnam’s rugged mountainous terrain, paddy fields, and its snow-covered Sapa gardens are spectacularly peaceful, and have filled the country’s nature with an overwhelming beauty. The tremendous and unexplained wildlife, and its ancient beauty of coastal beauty are all within easy reach. With an amazing combination of mountains, rivers, and diverse ethnic customs and cultures, Vietnam is a magical place to be in, and a great destination for enjoying nature’s beauty in an effortless manner.

  • Ha Long Bay
  • Cuc Phoung National Park
  • Da Lat

Japan is the land of cherry blossoms, and is home to two islands filled with captivating landscapes. Among its numerous places of scenic beauty, Miyajima Island near Hiroshima is especially breathtaking. Whether it’s summer or winter, its beauty will leave you mesmerized, as the island’s greenery and blue skies will refreshingly wash away your troubles. As if this weren’t enough, the area surrounding Mt. Fuji offers sprawling landscapes, allowing one to appreciate nature in its rawest forms.

  • Miyajima Island
  • Oirase Stream
  • Mount Fuji

Nepal gives you an extensive variety of options when it comes to its beautiful landscapes. Not only is the country home to the world’s highest mountain range, the mighty Himalayas, but it also offers lush valleys, deep gorges, high mountain passes, and temperate lowlands. Whether you’re camping on a remote glacier or viewing wildlife in Chitwan National Park, Nepal will make your journey a unique and memorable experience.

  • Mt. Everest
  • Chitwan National Park
  • Annapurna Circuit

Scotland is a stunningly beautiful land of traditions and culture, and its landscapes will leave you in awe. Its extensive shorelines, and wild and untamed hills and lochs are unpredictable and full of natural beauty. From the rolling hills of the Borders region, and the barren terrain of stunning Skye, to the Northern Highlands’ soaring mountains and breathtaking shorelines, Scotland has something for everyone and should be your go-to destination for scenery and exploration.

  • Isle of Skye
  • Loch Lomond and The Trossachs
  • The Cairngorms National Park

3. Discovering South America’s Unique Approaches to Beauty

South America is home to an array of unique approaches to beauty. From hairstyles to skin care, the cultural practices found throughout these countries are incredibly varied and interesting. Here are three of the most noteworthy:

  • Gaucho Beauty: In Uruguay and Argentina, women take pride in focusing on their natural beauty. This includes using minimal makeup and relying on the Earth for their skincare needs. Gaucho beauty emphasizes natural, glowing skin as well as beautiful, traditional hairstyles. Local ingredients like clay and seaweed are often incorporated into masks and lotions.
  • Incredibly colorful Nail Art: Across many South American countries, nail art is popular. Designs range from geometric shapes to abstract art and intricate designs. However, bright colors are a must, as they provide insight into where people come from.
  • Long Hair with Beaded Extensions: This beauty method is common among Haitian-Venezuelans and is used to enhance natural or chemically-straightened hair. Long beaded braids add an extra layer of flair and elegance. Not to mention, beaded extensions are a great way to show off creativity while taking pride in one’s culture.

Religion and Beauty Practices

In regards to beauty practices, South American countries often look towards religion for guidance. For example, in Peru, it’s believed that cutting one’s hair will bring bad luck. The same goes for the use of products that contain animal fat or oil. In the southern region of Colombia, Catholicism has heavily influenced beauty practices. The use of rosaries, veils, and religious images are all seen as symbols of beauty.

Shamanism and Rituals

In the Andes, Shamanism is at work. Rituals and ceremonies are used as sources of healing and beauty enhancement. Clay masks are integral in these ceremonies, as they help protect against negativity. Furthermore, spiritual cleansing in smoke baths help to combat physical and emotional discomforts. These treatments may be used in preparation of important events such as baptisms, weddings, and funerals.

From clay masks to beautiful beaded styles, the beauty culture found in South America is incredibly unique. What’s more, these practices are usually passed down from generation to generation, helping to showcase cultural identity.

The beauty trends that come out of the North American continent quickly become worldwide sensations, and fashion followers from across the world join in on the latest trends. But as beauty trends continue to evolve, it’s important to understand how these trends are impacting North America and the world.

Global Influence

From the earliest days of movies and television, North American culture has had an undeniable presence in the beauty world. The glitz and glam of Hollywood and the stars who embody it have shaped international beauty trends for decades. But this influence goes beyond just fashion and styling; with the latest breakthroughs in makeup, skin care, and hair care products, North American trends are made readily available beyond its borders.

Economic Impact

North American beauty trends don’t just impact style and culture—they also have a large impact on the economy. North American fashion and beauty brands are some of the most visible and profitable companies in the world, and the largest brands have operations across the continent. These companies play an important role in driving growth in the North American economy, and its smaller businesses are staying competitive with their global peers.

Consumption and Waste

The popularity of North American beauty trends and products also has an environmental impact, as consumers often demand the latest and greatest products. This endless cycle of consumption, coupled with packaging waste, has taken a toll on the planet—forcing companies to take responsibility for their environmental impact.

Moving Forward

  • Advanced education is critical for beauty professionals to stay current on the latest trends.
  • Consumers should take the time to understand the environmental impact of their beauty purchases.
  • Brands should take initiative in leading sustainability efforts.
  • Support local businesses that are helping to create a more sustainable future.

The beauty industry is constantly changing, and North American beauty trends are at the center of this evolution. Understanding the influence of these trends, their economic and environmental impacts, and ways to make beauty practices more sustainable is paramount for building a better future for the industry.

From South Korea’s OTT lips to India’s kohl-rimmed eyes, beauty trends are constantly evolving and never fail to be inspiring. Through exploring the different cultural influences from around the world, we have been provided with a unique insight into the beauty of diversity. Every culture has something unique to add to the conversation around beauty and we look forward to seeing how these trends continue to develop in the future.

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